Bike4Rentals Terms & Conditions

  • Rider will submit Original Pan Card/Voter Card and Photocopy of Driving License and will be returned when he/she will return bike safely.
  • In case of any Damage, Rider will reimburse PS Brothers for all expenses to restore the bike to original condition.
  • In case of Accidents, customer will pay the complete rent till the day the bike become reusable, Security deposit and all the original documents will be returned only after the repairs are completed. Rider will also pay the repair charges of the bike and if it is more than security deposit then rider will pay the excess amount.
  • All his/her documents will be returned only after he will clear his/her debt to PS Brothers.
  • Rider will pay to PS Brothers all the fines/penalties due to rider's Default.
  • Bike will be complete responsibility of rider.
  • FREE One helmet will be provided and for any Extra helmet rider has to pay 30 Rs./day.
  • Rider will be responsible for the companion's safety. Rider will follow all traffic rules and won't do Rash Driving.
  • Bikes won't be used for any illegal activity.
  • PS Brothers will not be responsible for any illegal activity done by rider.
Customer Orientation

On renting any bike from Bike for rentals, customer receives orientation to the motorcycle. The orientation provided to the client includes every minute aspect of proper bike maintenance, as per the local and state laws.


Bike for rentals claims no charges for fuel, fuel costs are entirely client’s responsibility. Our rentals are exclusive of the miles covered.

Helmets and other accessories

Bike for rentals provide you with the necessary bike and car accessories, when you take the vehicle for rental. The rental that we charge inclusive of the accessories we provide. We provide helmets for bike rentals, although client’s can bring their own depending on their convenience. For bike rental, helmet is must for the riders and the pillions.

Additional Drivers

One additional driver is permitted without any extra charges, in cases of bike rentals. The age of the additional driver should be above 21 and must have a valid driving license.

Maintenance Responsibility

When the bike is taken of rent, the responsibility of the bike maintenance should be taken care of by the client. Bike for rentals is not liable for any kind of damage to the bike, while it was on rent. Instructions on the maintenance procedure are provided to the client when he takes it for rent. Bike for rentals can claim compensation for any mechanical damage done to the vehicle due to sheer negligence.

Vehicle Substitution

Bike for rentals can substitute the vehicle confirmed to a client without any prior notification. In case if the vehicle needs to get replaced, Bike for rentals will provide the client with the similar or with the better model of the vehicle.

Security Deposit

Security deposit is mandatory, while taking vehicle or rent from Bike for rentals. The security deposit for each vehicle is different and solely depends on the model of the vehicle taken on rent. Security deposit is only taken in form of cash.


    There are certain restrictions that you need to follow, when you are taking vehicle for rent from Bike for rentals-

  • The bike taken for rent shall not be used for participating in any kind of competition.
  • The rented vehicle shall not be taken outside the state without any consent.
  • While the vehicle is on rent, the maintenance of the vehicle should be taken proper care off.
  • Any vehicle, taken on rent from Bike for rentals, should not be driven by any other driver without the written agreement.
  • The vehicle on rent can only be used for the legitimate purposes.

Payment procedures

To help our customers and clients with easy payments modes, Bike for rentals have come along with multiple payment options including- Cash, Cheque, Online Banking and NEFT.

Return and Refund policy

The rented vehicles can be returned to Bike for rentals, anytime during the working hours. Prior to return the bike, clients should confirm an hour ago. Confirmed rentals are non-refundable, until and unless specified under the reservation cancellation protection policies (mentioned below). Clients will not get any special benefit, if the bike taken on rental is returned early.

    Reservation Cancellation Protection Policy

    Purchasing the Reservation Cancellation Protection policy enables you to cancel your rental reservation is some of the extreme cases, as mentioned below:

  • If the client is restricted to drive due to any urgent medical conditions, restricted by a registered physician (medical certificate is required in such cases to avail the refund)
  • Sad demise of any close relatives of the client just before bike rental was scheduled.
  • Irrespective of the cases, client is advised to inform Bike for rentals prior to the scheduled pick-up.